In 2014 Healthy Seas is continuing the battle against ghost fishing nets and marine debris. The first step of our journey from waste to wear is to retrieve ghost fishing nets out of ocean waters. Recently the Los Angeles Underwater Explorers (LAUE) became our newest partner in that respect.

LAUE is a non-profit organization dedicated to the exploration and conservation of our planet’s underwater regions. Most of their activities take place in Southern California. They are involved in a variety of short and long-term projects which range from large scale single weekend events to ongoing focused research projects.

LAUE’s goals

To build a strong community and a base of world‐class divers to support their vision: Exploration and conservation of local submerged resources, as well as a strong educational system and training programs.

–          Conservation:
To focus all conservation efforts around the bigger “Project Baseline”, in order to develop accurate timelines of historical and ecological dive locations and to identify trends in both positive and negative human impact on the underwater environment over time. This will provide a basis for providing information on overall ecological health, and creating public awareness of our local submerged resources.

–          Education:
To offer accessible and frequent local GUE based recreational and technical diver certification courses in order to grow the skilled diver base to support the vision.

To host and execute consistent recreational and technical exploration dives on existing, known and unknown dive targets around Catalina island, the Channel islands, and the Orange county, L.A. and Ventura county shoreline. Specific locations will be targeted in support of their vision.