survey by Accenture unveils that top CEOs are showing declining interest for sustainability measures in businesses. A possible way to overcome this starting inertia was suggested by some CEOs who see collaboration between businesses and NGOs, even across sectors, as the most productive form of initiative. Now, fortunately that’s the very concept of our Healthy Seas initiative – where NGOs and businesses have been collaborating for the good cause ever since its inception. We will take this survey as an encouragement that we are on the right track and will move forward into 2014 with our new important business partner Interface.

This short video by Fabrizio Calenti, Aquafil CEO of the NTF business unit, is pointing out the uniqueness of the Healthy Seas initiative and touches some of the issues presented in the survey.

The “Healthy Seas: from waste to wear” initiative started this year and is celebrating its first results in these days. The main objective of the initiative is to remove waste – especially fishing net –  from the seas, and recycle it to make ECONYL® regenerated yarn for use in new products such as socks, swimwear, sportswear and carpets.